ORDERS are accepted by Carlo Manzi Limited (referred to as ‘C.M.L’ hereafter) on the specific understanding that customers (referred to as the ‘Hirer’ hereafter) accept these terms and conditions.
PROCEDURES must be put in place to ensure costume is well maintained, well cared for and treated with respect.
SMOKING AND DRINKING in costume is strictly prohibited. Water is the only exception.
DAMAGE CAUSED through any misuse will be charged at the full replacement value. In a dispute with regards to damage, the word and decision of C.M.L is final.
INSURANCE is the Hirer’s responsibility. This should be sufficient to cover the full replacement value of the items hired. C.M.L can advise of the full replacement value, if required. The Hirer is also responsible for the hired items for the hire period (see below) including inward or outward carriage.
ANY INJURY that occurs while wearing costumes hired from C.M.L is the responsibility of the hirer. Adequate health and safety procedures should be in place. The hirer must indemnify C.M.L against any accident or damage.
A ‘COSTUME’ is all, or any article of clothing comprising the clothing for a character in any show, play or entertainment.
SAFETY WEAR. Any items of costume that represent safety wear e.g. hard hats, motorcycle helmets, police helmets/riot police helmets etc. are only hired as ‘costume; and are not intended to be protective wear.
LOSS AND DAMAGE. The hirer is responsible for the costumes all the time they are not on our premises. The Hirer must let us know where the costumes are at all times. You must take good care of the costumes and keep them in your possession throughout the Hire Period and any extension. The Hirer is liable for all loss and damage caused to the costumes in their full replacement cost or value whichever is the higher. You must tell us in writing of any loss or damage to the costumes without delay and you will pay C.M.L the full cost of the replacement or repair of the costume. We will assess the charges in our absolute discretion and our decision will be final and binding on the Hirer. You may not alter or modify the costumes in any way.
THE HIRE DEPOSIT. A deposit may be required for certain hires. This is at the discretion of C.M.L. In this instance is it 50% of the final hire invoice or credit card details and £1 transaction taken. Hire deposit may not be interpreted as representative of the full replacement value of the item(s) hired. The hire deposit will only be refunded when all and every item hired has been returned and checked to verify its state and condition. This also applies to all accessories provided, including but not exclusively gloves, lacings and any hosiery. If credit card details are left, the Hirer agrees any reasonable charges can be taken from the credit card in this respect.
RESPONSIBILITY will not be accepted by C.M.L for any consequential loss or damage caused by errors, or by delay in delivery, or from any other cause.
FORCE MAJEURE. Every effort will be made to carry out any contract, or order based on a quotation, but the due performance of its subject to variation of cancellation owing to an Act of God, weather, war, strikes or union action, lock outs, fire or any other cause beyond control, or owing to an inability to procure materials or articles except at increased prices due to any of the foregoing causes.
ALTERATIONS. C.M.L understand that from time to time it may be necessary to carry out some alterations on non-fitted costumes. However, all alterations may only be minor or temporary e.g. trouser or skirt hems. All alterations must be reversed before hire items are returned to C.M.L should alterations cause permanent or irreversible damage to hire item, hirers will be charged the full replacement value of the damaged items. Hirers are advised to contact C.M.L for advice before undertaking any alterations as it may be possible to provide an alternative item.
FULL PAYMENT and settlement of accounts including all deposits, must be made before the costumes are dispatched. Sometimes however this is not always possible due to scheduling, this will be at C.M.L discretion. In this instance production and contact information will be needed and a purchase order number (PO) must be provided before the costumes can be released.
LAUNDRY. While it may be necessary to launder certain items such as shirts and tights (for example), most items on hire from C.M.L would require specialist cleaning. If in doubt do NOT items or seek advice from a C.M.L representative. If there is any permanent damage caused by laundry them the full replacement value of the items will be charged.
RETURNS. Costumes must be packed for return as sent i.e. individually wrapped and as specific sets/character with any hangers provided and outer packaging.
HIRE PERIOD is, by definition the length of time (including transportation to and from) that the Hirer is in possession of the items. Costing quotations are based on a 7 day/week hire- or part thereof.
V.A.T. is chargeable on all invoices at the current UK rate. All prices quoted should be assumed to be excluding V.A.T (unless stated otherwise). Please ask is there are any queries.
LATE RETURN FEES. If costumes/hired items are not returned by the agreed due return date and time then late fees/additional hire may be applied. Any further costs that are incurred by C.M.L may also be charged to the Hirer.